<aside> 🚀 I’m an indie hacker who aims to be happy. I’m interested in building apps, doing calisthenics, traveling and anything fun actually.



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About Me

I’ve been developing apps for 2+ years. During this time, I’ve dived into C#, Kotlin, Swift, SwiftUI, Flutter. And I finally decided to be a Flutter Developer. (I hope I’m not gonna change it again lol)

After working in companies as a developer, I realized that I was sad. So, I decided to quit everything and build indie apps in public. So, here I am.

I’m actually one of those who believe less is more. But for the people who are a little bit curious;

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Apps 📱

<aside> 🐟 **Fise 🐟** is basically a fishing forecast application that shows solunar and weather forecast, tides predictions and much more. To learn more about Fise, click here


Bucket List 🪣

I want to do many things before I die. And I made a simple list that contains almost everything I want to do before I die. Check it here

Some of the things I shared


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